Mediation Testimonials

My husband and I were trying to work amicably to solve our issues, and once we both decided that you were the person to see, everything became easier. I really liked speaking to you on the phone before meeting with you because I got the sense that you were making sure mediation was the right process for us, as well as I was making sure you were the right person to mediate for us. I liked the openness and frankness you provided. I was comforted by how long you had been practicing also because you are a family lawyer as well. I knew we would get value and not likely get steered in a wrong direction.

I really liked that we met one-on-one first. You asked some thought-provoking questions. I was glad to have the opportunity to be able to provide you with the background reasons as to why I was making the decision to end the marriage. You listened intently and made me feel like everything I was saying was noteworthy. This is the part that I felt best about. I knew after I met with you that you understood where I was coming from and how strongly I felt about things.

I felt at ease at all of our meetings. I felt like you really listened to both of us. I felt you understood the points we were trying to make. I don't know that we needed too much refereeing, but in the couple of times when conversation got heated, you easily brought us back to focus on the actual topic to work out. Your office is very calming and comfortable to hold sessions. Doris is a peach and was very helpful and friendly to both of us.

Overall, I wouldn't have gone about the separation any other way. I enjoyed working with you and felt that we received good advice and ended up with a quality separation agreement. I have recommended you to two other friends who are about to go through this.
Mediation Client
These sorts of experiences are inherently stressful, so I appreciated the little touches (like offering tea) which reduce one's stress level. Also, your office decor is warm and inviting...another source of stress reduction. I think that paying attention to little details like that makes a big difference in the end. I also appreciated either your or your secretary's e-mails which kept me informed as to where we stood in the process. I didn't have to keep pestering you for information. Overall, I was very satisfied with your professionalism and services.
Mediation Client
I was very satisfied overall with your services. You were professional, unbiased and I felt you were working with us towards reaching an amicable solution. Thank you.
Mediation Client
I just wanted to say that my experience was fantastic! It was super easy, quick and very easily laid out and understood. I will definitely recommend you (hopefully I won't have friends who need this) but if I do I will send them your way. It's such a difficult time and thing to go through, but you made it a lot simpler. Thanks so much!
Mediation Client
Thanks for asking for our feedback! I was very pleased with the service that you provided for us. One of the biggest issues in our relationship was lack of communication, and you made it very easy for my husband and I to do that and to resolve our separation issues. In my opinion, you have the perfect personality to perform mediation. You are calm and approachable and make your clients feel very comfortable in your office. Prior to our very first meeting, I was very worried that we would end up fighting and that it would become ugly. After that first meeting when you kept us on track and the atmosphere was non-confrontational I knew we could work through the issues going forward with no need for any worry or anxiety on my part.

Thanks again for your help and if I know of anyone who needs a great mediator, I'll certainly recommend them to you!
Mediation Client
The experience I had with your Mediation was completely positive. If it had not been for you, we would still be corresponding with our lawyers and nothing would have been settled.

I highly recommend mediation to any couple who are in the position that we were in.
Mediation Client
I appreciated the process and the way you conducted the sessions. You were fair and even handed, and you kept the difficult meetings as light as possible. We were able to complete the mediation process in only three meeting plus the actual final agreement. You helped both the process and the saving of a great deal of time and money, from lawyers that would still be arguing!!

Thank you again for being caring to both parties to help us reach a fair and quick settlement.
Mediation Client
I felt the process was absolutely necessary in our case, as the two of us had such limited communication. The only real time we actually discussed anything in a civilized manner was in an office with a third party there! So obviously for us the experience was necessary to make any progress. I was amazed how everything was dealt with in a years time and it didn't drag on any longer... thank goodness. We didn't have to involve the lawyers too much at all, which made their life and mine much easier, as we didn't have the back and forth process to deal with. I must admit it was a huge stressful time for me personally, but I'm just glad it's behind me and it was a huge learning experience. Just when you thought you knew someone... if you know what I mean.

Thanks for all your hard work and patience. I'm sure it must be a very challenging job you have at times, but the outcome for all involved is well worth it.
Mediation Client
Milka, I would not have been able to get through that without you. You made the entire experience much less frightening. Thank you.
Mediation Client
I thought the mediation process worked well for me. It saved a lot of time because we were both in the same room discussing issues and we could both speak and be heard. I have recommended it to others in my situation. I know it could have been a much more drawn out and painful process had we only used our lawyers...

Thank you for helping to make a very painful process a little easier
Mediation Client
As for feedback on the co-mediation, I thought it went very well. I thought that it was very professional, and we were both able to voice our opinions and concerns with fairness. More importantly, I think that the sessions enabled us to communicate much better on our own. We still are fresh at this but I think that we can get better if we try hard enough.

I would also like to say that having Barb involved, was a great asset. She was not overbearing in any way, and made valid points for each side without taking sides, which can be difficult. Her input was valuable and well taken. Thank you for your help and professionalism.
Mediation Client (Co-mediation with Barbara Anderson)
I would first like to thank you for the great service you provided to my wife and I. This process was very efficient in regards to the associated paperwork, meeting times, and associated costs.

Situations like this (separations, divorces) take a large toll on someone's mind, body and financial status. You take all those aspects into account when dealing with your clients and we appreciate it.

You and your staff create a friendly environment where people can discuss their situations and open up if they wish too. You listen and provide a caring decision with the client needs being the major factor.

Once again I would personally like to thank you for the timely work you performed on our file, and the personal care you provided. Thank you.
Mediation Client
I'll never forget all of the wonderful advice that helped me get through the most difficult part of my life. You gave me your calm, strength and confidence along with the advice that helped me deal with the turmoil that my children and I were in.

It was as valuable as the legal stuff and made me strong enough to get through the legal stuff.
Family Law Client
Milka is a deeply experienced and highly skilled family law professional. Milka's professional services and support had the effect of  being most respectful of the need to preserve the remaining portions of the relationship with my Son's Mom , while still arriving at a legally binding arrangement that truly was in my son's best interests.

Milka sees past obstacles to solutions, Milka makes it happen.
Family Law Client
Thank you for helping me through the worst time in my life. Your words from our conversations often come back and give me encouragement at times when I am not sure what to do next. This process takes a while and I am seeing that just because papers are there doesn’t necessarily end the feelings and issues that come up.

Suffice it to say that I am taking my time dealing with all the emotions that go hand in hand with kids and exhusband and all the whole mess. I am pleased to say that I am handling it as it comes and am doing pretty good.
Family Law Client - Email to my assistant Terri Allan
Milka VujnovicMilka Vujnovic B.A. LL.B. LL.M (ADR) is a Family Lawyer and Mediator with 38 years of family law experience. She is a member of Family Mediation Canada and the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and her practice is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

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