Mediation Resources

Milka VujnovicMilka Vujnovic B.A. LL.B. LL.M (ADR) is a Family Lawyer and Mediator with 38 years of family law experience. She is a member of Family Mediation Canada and the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and her practice is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps couples who are separating reach mutually beneficial agreements. Mediation allows the parties to maintain control over their lives, voluntarily negotiating the terms of their separation in a way that’s best for them...

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Why Mediate?

Too often in litigation, families are swept along in complicated and intimidating court proceedings controlled by lawyers. Parties are informed of their rights but are not necessarily given the chance to consider what’s best for them or their children...

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The Benefits of Mediation – What do the research studies tell us?

Mediation is a process which involves third party intervention and has been viewed as more constructive than other ADR approaches in that it contributes toward reaching more durable outcomes, generates greater mutual satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of negative or harmful outcomes such as escalation of conflict.

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5 Tips for Separating Couples

Whether they are 1 or 21, don’t underestimate the impact of separation and divorce on children. You may think you are keeping the tension and hostility away by protecting your children from it, but they will still pick up on the changes and know something is wrong...

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What About the Children?

7 Tips for Parents – The Do's and Don'ts of Parenting During and After Separation...

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Mediation FAQ's

Why should I consider mediation? Mediation puts you in the driver’s seat. Mediation allows you to control the process and gives you a safe and comfortable environment to talk to your spouse about your needs and interests...

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