My Experience

Milka Vujnovic - Family Lawyer and MediatorI have been a lawyer for 38 years and hold a Master of Laws Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution, with an emphasis in mediation. Although I am a retired family law lawyer, the experience I have gained over the years allows me to provide information to separating couples to help them reach agreement. I take a practical, positive approach to dispute resolution that helps heal conflict and build healthy post-separation relationships.

I have extensive experience in all levels of court, and it’s because of this experience that I am focusing on mediation services. I know how negatively the court process can affect a family undergoing separation—and I’ve seen the significant benefits of open, respectful dialogue and creative problem-solving.

I am a member of Family Mediation Canada. I have lectured on family law both to lawyers and to mediators and have taught Alternative Dispute Resolution - Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration at Humber College in Toronto.

I have previously served as an agent of the Office of the Children's Lawyer to represent children in legal proceedings. I have acted as a Dispute Resolution Officer at the Superior Court of Justice - Family Court in Hamilton.