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I can provide comprehensive family mediation for couples regarding all aspects of separation and divorce including:

  • parenting and children’s issues
  • child and spousal support
  • financial and property division

Drawing from extensive and well-rounded family law experience, I educate couples on the benefits of mediation and I facilitate the process on their behalf. Acting as a neutral third party, I work with them together, encouraging both parties to openly and respectfully address the issues arising from their separation. Because I am a lawyer, I can prepare the Separation Agreement which confirms the agreements reached in mediation."

The mediation process typically includes the following steps:
  • initial sessions in which I meet with each party separately
  • identification of individual and common interests
  • joint meetings in which the parties work through an agenda set by them
  • appropriate experts, if necessary, to assist with child- or property-related issues
  • drafting of a Separation Agreement

The parties take the Separation Agreement to their respective lawyers for review and finalization. The result is a legally binding agreement that has been created in a non-adversarial environment and is in the interests of both parties and their children.

Child Informed and Child Inclusive Mediation

I offer a unique service that assists parents in dealing with difficult issues surrounding parenting. Child Informed and Child Inclusive mediation helps parents get a deeper understanding of their children's experience and needs which leads to a parenting plan that provides a secure emotional base for their children after separation. It gives the child a safe voice in the process and it assists children and parents with coping strategies.

I work with Lorraine Martin, who is a highly skilled parenting plan consultant with expertise in parenting, children and the challenges of divorce and separation and its impact on children. Lorraine joins me for a session or two to advise parents on the best ways to help their children with the parental separation. In some cases she might meet with the children and give feedback to the parents and in some cases she does not meet with the children. Whether or not to meet with the children is a decision made by the parents after the first meeting. Lorraine's involvement in the mediation process can be most helpful to parents in reaching a parenting agreement as she can provide them with insight regarding their children.


Lorraine has recently retired from the position of Clinical Coordinator for the Office of the Children's Lawyer. She held that position for over 17 years. Upon her retirement, she received many accolades from the Bench and Bar. Her expertise and leadership in her field was acknowledged and recognized and she was honoured with the AFCC's Presidents Award at the annual AFCC Conference in Denver in June 2010.

Her previous experience included the management of Hamilton's Unified Family Court's Mediation Pilot Project and as the Director of the Family Conciliation Service (providing mediation and assessment services to the Court of Queen's Bench) in Manitoba.

In addition she has a strong background in marriage and family therapy, child abuse and children's mental health.

She is well known across Canada and the U. S. as a leader in the field of court services, separation and divorce and custody and access issues.

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